Ted and Cindy

"At Anchor"

An experiment in living simply

From "boatin" to "farmin" 

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(a work in progress)

         Ted Mattson

In his favorite pose!

    Cindy Plaza

The one who never stops!

Why Skookumchuck?

Since we're not Facebook or Twitter oriented, keeping connected with friends all over the  planet after we sold our beloved Skookumchuck has been sporadic at best.  We enjoyed having the website when we had the boat because it was a means of staying in contact with our expanding  circle of friends and a way of showing our love for what we were doing to all who took the time to visit.  It was an exciting and adventurous time in our lives just as this subsistence "farmin" thing is now.  Thanks to the goodness of the gal who handled our web page when we were giving our sailing eco tours, we still own the name Skookumchuck.  Debbie quietly paid the domain fees for several years without ever telling us because she had a feeling we would want it again someday.  "It was too good a name to let go," she said.  What an incredible gift!  And now that we are starting a new chapter in our lives far from any ocean, we find it somewhat comforting that Skookumchuck -- at least in name -- gets to live on with us "At Anchor."